COPASTIN - u cough? take this!

hey there,i just wanna share sumthing with u guys on how to handle
severe coughing.i'd tried few types of drugs to cure this ailments.
but,most of them won't work well.
even if u having sore throat,u keep on swallowing strepsils,woods,lozenges,
a type of drugs named COPASTIN.
scientific name : cloperastine HCL
it is light green in colour.and for adult,u can take 2 doses of tablets.
indications:unproductive cough
there are certain side effect may occur like drowsiness,dry mouth,anorexia and nausea.
and i'm having all the four..;(
better for u to buy it from pharmacy because they sell them at cheap scale.
normally,for a stack is 2 bucks but if u bought from clinic or other medical centre is costs more than 10 bucks.